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Version 1.0.1 of InterfaceLIFT HD

InterfaceLIFT HD

InterfaceLIFT HD on the HP TouchPad

The new TouchPad version of InterfaceLIFT for WebOS is here. "InterfaceLIFT HD" allows HP TouchPad users to view and download wallpapers to their device. The application is available in the WebOS App Catalog at the following link:

  • Patrick

    I want to first say how awesome it is to have this application on the TouchPad. Thank you!! I have 2 questions about the application:

    1) When I download a picture full scree, it shows up in a 4:3 format, and not 16:9. Is this by design?
    2) When I search on the TouchPad version, I get different results than when I search online. Is this by design as well? Case in point when you search for “castle”. You get one result on the TouchPad, but more online.

    In any case, I’m happy to live with it as it is… It’s my #1 app on the TouchPad. Keep up the great work!

  • jd

    I would love to see an Exhibition version, cicling through those prety photos while the TP stands on the touchstone

  • Davis W. Frank

    I was trying to add Pre3 support to your Mojo app (not the Enyo one) and am running into the issue of the serving only 320×480 and 1024×768 versions. IFL looks like they’re supporting 480×800 images for Windows Phone 7, but when I ask for http://webos.interfacelift.cim/downloads/480×800.jpg, I get a 240×120 or so image. Thoughts? Do you have any play with the IFL folks? Are you IFL?

  • DorothyMorgan

    I am so excited to know that this version allows HP TouchPad users to view and download wallpapers to their device. I’ll try! Follow for quality texts written in English.