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Version 1.0.0 of InterfaceLIFT for WebOS

Version 1.0 of my first app, InterfaceLIFT for WebOS, has been released to the HP WebOS App Catalog. I've been working on the app for several months, and it is nice to see it finally released. The app can be downloaded by visiting the following link:

The app is a HP WebOS optimized way to get wallpapers from my favorite wallpaper site They have an amazing collection of really gorgeous photographs that you can download in high resolution for you computer and now WebOS.

InterfaceLIFT for WebOS
InterfaceLIFT for WebOS
Version: 1.0.0
93.0 KiB
  • Scott

    I’m running WebOS . When I allowed my phone to update interfacelift this am, I lost the ability to run it. Is there anyway to recover version 1 of this app which was compatible with 1.4.5 ?


  • Vern vanderkleed

    Like Scott, I updated InterfaceLift on m Pre Plus and lost the app. Is the a version of the app still compatible with webos, or a location to download the old version?

  • Hey, I love your app!

    I actually created my own InterfaceLift application, which I put on pause while I was focusing on other projects. I’m happier with your version than what my version probably would have been.

    I noticed recently that you updated the application for the TouchPad. Thanks! It is great to have this on my TouchPad as well as my phone. However, I recently flashed my Veer and I cannot find your application in the catalog anymore. The phone version you had worked great for the Veer. Could you update your metadata to allow the Veer as well as the Pre? Otherwise, if you moved on to Enyo and removed compatibility with phones that don’t have Enyo, I can share a “fat packaging” example that has Mojo and Enyo in the same IPK.

    Thank you for your help and for making it easy to get great wallpapers!

  • Sweet! I just realized you linked the IPK from your post. Just downloaded and side-loaded it onto my Veer. Awesome.

    I’d be glad to help with a “fat packaging” solution if you’re interested.

  • High quality in terms of content and resolution. As an avid traveller and amateur photographer, this app hits two spots with one shot! I would have happily paid for this app. Thank you for making it free.

  • H.B.

    When revising this great application, please consider using the default wallpaper folder (preferable), hiding the one for the application by using a period in the beginning of the name, or renaming it.

    This way we don’t need to see two folders/categories with practically the same name in the photo application.

    You might also consider adding metadata in the applications main JSON-file to show up as a result when using search / Just Type to search for “background”, “wallpaper” etc.

  • Darryl Brown

    Can help me to understand why I am not seeing any imagery when using this app on my Touchpad? I can see details etc but no wallpapers! Thanks

  • KennethCampbell

    I am looking forward to see that amazing collection of really gorgeous photographs that I will be able to download in high resolution.

  • DorothyMorgan

    This application is great, since there are a lot of amazing photographs that we can easily download in high resolution for the computer. Address to to get descriptive texts to your images.